Creative Arts Therapy



What is creative arts therapy?

Creative arts, or experiential therapy, are therapeutic modalities that foster emotional healing though creative expression.  Creative arts therapies include psychodrama and drama therapy, dance therapy, music therapy, journal and poetry therapy, and art therapy.  One need not be an artist or have any prior creative experience to benefit from these methods.

How creative arts therapy works

Creative arts therapy works on an almost cellular level that is different from traditional talk therapy.  This is because experiential therapy methods access a different part of the human brain.  The limbic system is the primitive part of the brain that includes our flight/fight/freeze responses.  When we have traumatic situations or are reminded of them, the limbic system goes into overdrive and our logical thinking shuts down.   Often addictions stem out of our desire to numb this part of our brains.

Experiential therapies help to engage the frontal cortex, the area of the brain where language, logical thinking, and emotional regulation exists.  Creative arts therapies integrate the frontal cortex with the limbic system so we feel more in charge of our feelings and behavior and can lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Who is it for?

Creative arts therapies are for everyone, not only those who see themselves as artists or creative individuals.  Anyone who is interested can benefit from expressive therapy, as the goal is not about creating a polished finished product.  Creative arts are a vehicle to emotional expression; no particular talent or skill set is necessary.

Valerie utilizes experiential therapy methods in individual counseling sessions and in longer, intensive therapy appointments.

Please contact Valerie for further information on creative arts therapy.  She can be reached at 917-725-4262.

Her office is conveniently located in the Columbus Circle area of Manhattan with easy access to the 1, A, C, B, D, F, N, R, & Q train lines and the M5, M7, M10, M20, M104, & M57 buses.

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